Meditation on the fourth Sorrowful Mystery:
Carrying of the Cross

Dear Jesus, please help us turn away from sin and help us stand up for our pre-born neighbors in danger of abortion. Please help us witness to others that abortion is the number one political issue with; words, yard signs, bumper stickers, hats, pins, tee shirts, e-mail, letters, love and best of all example. Dear stem cell Jesus thank you for allowing this sinner to follow you and to carry this small pro-life artist cross.

In this painting, the cross wood is in deflection as the weight of our sins bend the beam. The arm of Jesus is shown as a black sleeve of pro-life clergy. Jesus used his arm to help support the weight of our sins. Pro-life clergy struggle to lead God’s children away from contraception, pro-death voting and euthanasia. Dear pro-life clergy, thank you for your leadership, gift of priesthood and ministry. Dear pro-life ministers and non-catholic pro-life minister’s thank you for helping to vote in our first effective pro-life president in 34 years, Mr. George Bush.

As Jesus falls the first time, blood from his crown-of-thorns falls to the ground. The square on the drop of precious blood and the arrow lead to the upper left hand side of the next painting.

The second painting starts on the upper left with a drop of precious blood and moves clockwise with increasing magnification. On the upper right painting individual blood cells are shown with a magnification square around the cell nucleus. The bottom right square depicts D.N.A. of the most precious blood. The D.N.A on the left has a symbol of a pregnant woman for the Mother of God and the other side has his farther the Holy Spirit as a dove symbol. The final painting magnifies the D.N.A. of Mary our mother of all the living. Jesus as he was in the beginning, is now and in the future remains the same. Before Christ B.C. (word D.N.A.) changed to year of the Lord A.D. (flesh D.N.A.) on March 25, when Mary said “may it be done according to our word” Lk 1, 38 The D.N.A. of Jesus remained the same as it changed from word to flesh D.N.A. The bottom left painting shows the creation of the universe with the big bang in the shape of a stem cell. “Let us” (Father, Son and Holy Spirit inside Mary’s D.N.A. word seed) “make man” (embryos) “in our image and likeness”. Gn 1: 26 God loved you when you were flesh D.N.A. before conception and as a; stem cell, fetus, sinner, homeless person dying in a gutter and more than the stars in the big bang. We have no right to kill innocent life at any stage of life. The next time you receive the precious blood at mass, thank Jesus for a love bigger than a universe. The creation of the universe in the shape of stem cell God is bigger than the “big bang”. Stem cell God’s big bang is deep inside the word D.N.A. of Mary joined to the D.N.A. of the Holy Spirit. This D.N.A. is inside the nucleus of blood cells. Many blood cells make up a drop of precious blood falling to the earth and making a big bang heard in hell, heaven and on earth. As the precious blood hits the earth, snakes change into sinners and sinners into saints with the leadership from the pro-life church. Is our church pro-life?

The snakes on the cross represent five pro-death sins of contraception, euthanasia, abortion, homosexuality and lust. Sins of lust for material possession drain finances that are needed for the family and lust for the flesh leads to the breakdown of Holy Spirit and marital relationship. From the point of view of stem cell God, man-made sterilized heterosexual and homosexual look the same, both treat their bodies as godless amusement parks. If you do the math forty years of abortion and abortifacient contraception has taken over 1 billion lives world wide. Abortion has taken the life of your friend, your child, your grandchild, your love and someone to take care of you in your old age. If we don’t stop abortion, euthanasia shall become the next holocaust as pro-death monsters give poisoned sandwiches to starving senior citizen. Dear Holy Spirit please change ALL food at the moment of consumption into stem cell God. Asking all food to change into stem cell Jesus at consumption is like asking God for life saving feeding tube for all mankind. Any one on a feeding tube would like one day to taste real food "the Body of Christ" is solid food and can be obtained thru R.C.I.A. (Right of Christian Initiation for Adults). Please turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel. Breakdown of the family is Satan’s pride. As Jesus carried his cross He showed us the difficult path Christians must follow. Pray to Jesus and Mary they will help you repent for sins and return you to a state of grace. If your catholic going to confession once a month will help you over come sin and gain control of our flesh. Children are a gift from God who teach us how to love. Large families teach each other not to be selfish and form powerful love bonds of prayer for each other. Please pray for pro-life priest and clergy who are ridiculed when they preach against the five pro-death sins and sterilization. Pray the rosary, breathe in stem cell God and praise Jesus and Mary at all times.

The following are messages stem cell Jesus placed in my heart. Don’t make me come down there early vote pro-life. No, you can’t take that snake home with us vote pro-life. You did what to your embryo brother, vote pro-life. You had your tube tied; I am going to tie you up, vote pro-life. Tube tie your “satin” bed sheet is spelled with “A” not “I”. Satan never votes pro-life. Please stop terrorizing babies vote pro-life. “Ask not what” stem cell Jesus “can do for you, ask what you came do for” stem cell God. Vote pro-life. Contraception is a grave sin, vote pro-life. Mercy, mercy embryo Jesus have mercy, vote pro-life. The word made flesh is asking you to vote pro-life. The prejudice of tissue is as ugly as the “N” word, vote pro-life. Stem cell Jesus is our light, vote pro-life. There will be a test on “thou shall not kill,” vote pro-life. In stem cell “God we trust.” Are you lazy or crazy stop killing my babies, vote pro-life. “All we’re saying is give peace a chance.” All we’re saying is give babies a chance.” Before your Mom’s tube tie and “before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” Je 1:5 “To kill a monster you first have to make it beautiful.” Chinese proverb “Let us” (Yahweh, Allah and/or stem cell God inside Mary’s D.N.A. word seed) “make man” (embryos) “in our image” Gn 1:26

Tune of “Amazing Grace”
3x (By the power of the Holy Spirit.) 3x (Help us all breathe in stem cell God.) 3x (Help us all breathe out sin.)
3x (Oh mercy, mercy Lord.) 3x (Praise God, praise God.)

Tune of “Old Man River”
This old woman loving is tired of rejection. I’s keep on trying I’s feels like crying. My babies are needy, but they can’t help it.
I’s loves my babies she’s worth something. This young man painting isn’t afraid of dying.
This old man creating just keeps on rolling along.

May stem cell God remain in you forevermore. Pray for us St. James Apostle.

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B. Michael

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