Meditations on the Second Sorrowful Mystery the Scourging

        So when Pilate saw that he was gaining nothing, but rather that a riot was beginning, he took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying: "I am innocent of this righteous man's blood; see to it yoursleves." And all the people answered: "his blood be on us and our children!" Then he released for them Barabbas, and having scourged Jesus, delivered him to be crucified. (St. Matt. 27:24-26)

        Every day we as a nation give up innocent people for slaughter.  The United States Supreme Court is not much different from Pilate's Court when you look from the point of view of your unborn neighbor.  Each court is without a back bone and gives  into the mob.  Every time we sin and turn away from God we become the angry mob.  Praying is the best deterrent  against sin.  As Pilate washed his hands he gave more sympathy than we give to your unborn babies.

         The "Scourging of the First Feminist" mission is to promote unborn children, motherhood, and Jesus.  Images that we choose to place in our minds will influence us and our loved ones.  We influence our children and spouse by what we choose to spend our time on.  Many programs and web sites contain junk.  When you put junk in you get junk out.  Watching, a screen filled with violence, anti-God, hate and lust turns a mind into the devil's work shop.

          Sins are like scourges, thank you Jesus for suffering these unmerciful scourges for us, especially for our sins of the flesh. (Medjugorje Rosary prayer)  Roman whips had leather straps with small bits of junk, bone, and rock tied to each end.  A whip of this type will tear the flesh and inflect more pain.  Part one of this painting shows TV and web site junk tied to the whip that Jesus felt.  The screen has four symbols of junk; gun (violence), broken ten commandments (anti-God), swastika (hate) and nudity (lust).  This junk has the power to lead us away from Jesus and to destroy the compassion we should be feeling for your unborn neighbor.

           "Today's heros are individuals who personify the world's values and pleasures.  They are men and women who madly quest for materialism, pleasure, power etc.  Because of television, young and old alike are fed a steady diet of anti-heros, little anti-christs who are collectively destroying mankind-the mankind created in the image of God."  (Pittsburgh Center for Peace)

            Television lust fills a mind with images of adultery.  "But I say to you, everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (St. Matt. 5:28).  Showing and watching women depicted as sex objects  leads to a lack of respect for motherhood.  The sin of abortion and contraception begins with a lack of respect to motherhood and God.  How many men of 12-15 yrs. are lured away from the church by the lust shown on TV?  A mind filled with lust will tempt some young men to pursue self pleasure and turn away from a priesthood calling.  Other men force women into the slavery of contraception to satisfy their lust for the flesh.  Some people get trapped by the lust for material positions.  The lust for positions forces parents to work long hours and they fail to enjoy their children.  How often are the ten commandments broken during a normal TV day?  We begin to accept, if it's o.k. for entertainers it's o.k. for us to ignore commandments.

            Violence hardens our hearts to the sorrowful passion of Jesus.  Killing people in video games leads to a lack respect of human life.


                A swastika riding on a gun represents hatred of the Jews and our unborn neighbors.   One arm of its evil cross breaks through the screen and turns into the devil's pitchfork.  This pitchfork wants you to hate innocent people who are different and delivers unbelievable pain to the back of the Jewish Feminist, Jesus.  Another arm of hate guides the arm of an abortion doctor.  This doctor is blind to the grace of God and believes abortion is helping.  As Hitler selected  Jews for slaughter, we choose which baby lives or dies.   Saint Junk is placed in a bag as he prays for his murderer.  He was destined to become a saint before his conception.  As a saint in communion with other saints he wants to help Jesus save souls from eternal death.  As the Surgeon General Warns of death to the flesh Saint Junk warns us about behavior that will lead to the fires of hells.

                Part two of this painting shows two  golden calves  and birth control pills tied to the scourging whip.  We worship birth control as if it was the golden calf in the day of Moses.  These pills have killed millions of souls.  One side shows a pill dispenser and the opposite side (apple) represents forbidden fruit of sterile pleasure, both with pitchforks.  Adam and Eve failed to do the will of God when they ate forbidden fruit.  We fail to do God's will when we turn away from Jesus and his bride the church.  We eat the apple payed for with the blood of the innocent.  The devil has repeated his easy victory in the garden with the trick of sterilization and birth control.  The price of sin in the garden was death.  Jesus asked Blessed Faustina Kowalska to write "My Secretary, write that I am more generous toward sinners than the just.  It was for their sake that I came down from heaven; it was for their sake that My Blood was spilled, Let them not fear to approach Me; they are most in need of My mercy.  (1275) ( Revelations of Divine Mercy)


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