Meditations on the Second Joyful Mystery the Visitation

          Mary went to visit Elizabeth who conceived Saint John in her old age and was now in her sixth month.  Eight week old Jesus changed from Embryo Jesus to Fetus Jesus as Mary arrived at Elizabeth's door.  As angels sang and danced with joy, the glorious fetus reached out to his cousin John.  Grace from Jesus filled Mary's voice as she asked "Elizabeth! ?."  The door opened and "when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb." (Lk 1,39-56)  John responded with double peace signs and a large smile.  He was meeting the prince of peace and his heart over flowed with joy.  John's mother is "filled with the Holy Spirit and she exclaimed with a loud cry, (blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!)" (LK 1,39-56)  God has a special love for his smallest fruit, for they are his most innocent and helpless children.

       At the end of a rainbow of colors, golden Jesus sits on a host that will become his body on Holy Thursday.  Jesus wears a crown and holds the world in is hand.  A humble mother of God smiles but is not accustomed, to the spot light of praise.  She is seen covering a broad smile and in her eye a reflection of the cross.

         Four angels sing and dance in celebration, 2000 years after the victory of the visitation.  They realize that rosary prayer, good works and meditation will end the suffering of abortion.  Soul angel (face with wings) waits and prays for the opportunity of conception.   She smiles with her savior, for the day shall come when she will go to earth giving joy to all and receiving Jesus in her hand and heart.  Because of embryo research Cellular angel (purple divided egg) is unable to enjoy the soft green grass of earth or the joy of doing God's will.  The 'R' of research is killing Cellular angel.  Playing and praying with Cellular angel two of Gods, most precious angels celebrate for the opportunity of earth life for others.  Smallest angel looks like a cherry pie one side and a sperm-egg on the other.  They rejoice in the knowledge that the power of prayer will bring couples to joyfully accept God's will and stop practicing contraception.


                                                      Cherry Pie (Smallest) Angel

           God the father decided to make a cherry pie.  He asked Jesus to go  plant and grow a cherry tree.   Jesus who loves to work in the garden, planted a seed and gave water, nutrients and son light to it.  The strong tree cried during the pruning, because the pain given to him was from Jesus whom he loved.  Pruning resulted in beautiful cherries.  This good tree then gave good fruit and Jesus was happy to give ripe cherries to his father.

            God sent the Virgin Mary to grow the wheat.  Mary's wheat loved the gentle breezes and soft rains.  As the wheat turned to a golden brown, it feared reaping and threshing.  Death and pain would produce a new creation.  Matured wheat produced a light and fluffy flour that resulted in a fine pie shell.  Joseph the most chaste spouse collected lard from the pig.       God was very pleased and thanked everyone for all the hard work competed by his family.  He said "I have selected two very generous and loving ovens to bake our cherry pie."  It was time   to bake God's pie but the ovens refused to open their doors.  God asked them why and they said "cherry pies are too much work, trouble and messy."  God told them "I created you to love others as I have loved you and to do my will on earth as it is heaven."  The bad ovens were of no use to God and they began to rust and fall apart.  Joseph asked "we worked so hard on this cherry pie can we bake it in a different oven."  Creator God said "we made this pie to fit only in these wicked ovens but I will give this pie wings and call it the Smallest angel."


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