Meditations the First Sorrowful Mystery - Agony In The Garden

            St. Luke wrote "and his sweat became like great drops of blood falling upon the ground."(Lk 22:44)   Jesus praying  is the first side of this pro-life painting.   Jesus is able to see and feel agony for future souls damned for their sins.


            Side two zooms in on a drop of blood, a sin of our generation.  The '6' has just pierced the heart of Jesus on Calvary and the 'R' is the devil's pitchfork.  Tricking a couple into killing their own flesh and blood is the devil's pride and joy.


                                               PRO-LIFE LITANY

   Jesus of the Annunciation, (Have mercy on us.)

                                                        Jesus of the incarnation, etc.
                                                        Jesus the word made flesh, etc.
                                                        The fruit of Mary's womb, etc.
                                                        Jesus the divided egg, etc.
                                                        Fetus Jesus, etc.
                                                        Jesus of the Visitation, etc
                                                        Cellular Jesus, etc
                                                        The divided egg of Mary, etc
                                                        Jesus of the Nativity, etc
                                                        You felt pain at conception, etc
                                                        Crying baby Jesus, etc
                                                        Infant Jesus of Prague, etc

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