Meditation on the Forth Glorious Mystery:
The Assumption of Mary

(The Feast of the Assumption (15 August) celebrates Mary’s passage to heaven at the end of her life, a divine recognition of her fidelity and her role as mother of the Son of God. The idea that Mary enjoyed an assumption is not affirmed in any direct way by the New Testament, or in the most primitive tradition, but rather developed gradually out of the Church’s life of prayer, biblical reflection, and sacrament…etc.

As with the primitive notion of resurrection, an assumed person does not continue to “sleep in the Lord,” but is “awake”. This idea fits in with Mary’s role as intercessor, one who listens to the Disciples of Christ. Other aspects of resurrection, however, are not included in Mary’s assumptions: Mary does not, like Jesus, “reveal the resurrection,” nor are there witnesses to her Assumption comparable to those who witnessed the resurrection of Jesus.) [David Bryan the Modern Catholic Encyclopedia]

Two paintings of Mary’s Assumption depict her at two different stages of her life. The painting of Baby Mary shows her in the womb of Saint Ann with a hand stigma from the “Immaculate Conception Unity Cross”. Mary, our immaculately conceived mother suffered the cross of abortion for her pre-born children. The painting of an older Mary being assumed into heaven shows treasures coming from her womb which represent the value of her labor of love. The treasures coming from her immaculate heart represent the lost economic contribution aborted children would have made.

The painting of Baby Mary depicts one of Satan’s defeats, which is the Immaculate Conception. Satan’s all time number one defeat was when Jesus charged into hell with his passion, death and resurrection. Jesus our savior has many intercessors leading his brothers and sisters out of Satan’s traps. Satan’s most successful trap for the last fifty years has been the sin of sterilization, birth control and abortion. Mary is loved by Jesus more then any one else and Mary has a tremendous love for Jesus. Mary Mother of God, thank you for your intercession. Embryo Mary please led us out of Satan’s trap with your life line from God, your umbilical cord. Baby Mary’s umbilical cord is shown starting at the star of David and cross on her crown. One cord is a life line to all the baby boys and the other cord is for the baby girls. The third umbilical is a life line to Baby Mary our most valuable intercessor. Many good people have held on tight to the Immaculate Conception cord without even knowing. Many people have cried to our Mother Mary and Jesus with their last breath as they held on to life.

Thank you Abraham Lincoln for emancipating the slaves and leading a divided country away from sin. Thank you Abraham Lincoln for holding the union together with your life line from God. Dear Mr. Lincoln please ask our Mother Mary to send another life line to this divided country. Dear Stem Cell Jesus please help us to love our brothers and sisters in Christ in the womb.

Dear Americans, who died on September 11 and on the shuttle, help us always to remember that life is a gift and should be respected. Dear American’s who died on the battle field for our freedom please send us a life line from God. America the land of the free must lead the world in a new respect for God’s plans from before conception to natural death. Dear Embryo Mary help us with your life line to love our brothers and sisters of the world.

Our Immaculate Conception has two stigma from the cross of abortion one in each hand. Our Mother Mary’s stigma is of disgrace, which represents the number of abortions preformed in this one nation under God. In this one nation under God we are blessed and condemned with the right to vote for life or death. We condemn ourselves each time we fail to vote or vote pro-death. A pro-choice vote is a pro-death vote.

The other painting of an older Mary is her assumption into heaven. Traditional assumption paintings have depicted a much younger Mother of God. This artist used Mother Teresa as a model to promote the respect for human life until natural death. The money coming from Our Mother’s womb represents the treasure given to humanity when she carried and gave birth to Our Savior. Treasure from her heart represents the value of lost lives and the economic impact of murdering so many innocent babies. Lost treasures from her immaculate heart go around the earth and moon. Thank for reading this meditation giving copies to others.

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B. Michael Lauer • 7/23/03 • Update

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