July 2001
Immaculate Conception
Unity Cross



 Immaculate Conception Unity Cross

 Dear Jesus your cross has been both loved and rejected by your followers.  The cross of abstinence has been rejected by many of your followers.  Many couples reject your cross and turn to the sins of sterilization, birth control and abortion.  Dear Jesus how much longer must we wander in the desert of abortion?

Dear Allah, will we begin to leave the desert when the proud western population has aborted itself and is replaced by the meek Third World population?

Dear Yahweh, when will we be free from the chains of abortion?  Will you take the first born child as in the time of Moses and pass over your pro-life children?

The Immaculate Conception Unity Cross (ICUC) represents all the embryos and fetuses killed by abortion, birth control and embryo research.  With each abortion, Our Virgin Mother of God feels the pain of her Fetus inside her womb and her aborted children worldwide.  With each abortion, Our Virgin Mother of God feels the pain of her rejected babies and her rejected son (Jesus).  Our Virgin Mother Unity Cross represents five religions: Buddhism, Christian, Hindu, Islam and Jewdism.

We all have something we can learn from one another and other religions.  (ICUC) is labor and love given to God, unborn  neighbor and neighbor.  Love without labor is only lip service,and labor without love is empty work.  In Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln used blood (labor and love) from the Civil War to free slaves and thereby giving the war a moral purpose.  Blood from the Uncivil War of abortion can be used in the same way to form a union of pro-life religions laboring and loving for the defeat of abortion sin.  A union of pro-life religions can defeat our Pro-Choice rebel sister and Nazis brother who want to pick and choose which black slave or Jew should die.  As our Pro-Choice parents pick and choose which brother or sister dies.  Let us labor in prayer for our Nazis sisters, rebel brothers and sterilized parents.  Love your unborn neighbor N.O.W.!

                                                     Embryo God Eternal Holiness

       At the center of this cross, life and love begins inside the protoplasm of Embryo God’s rainbow heart, as a holy unborn labor of love.  With labor pains and love Embryo God said let there be light.  The universe began with light filling the darkness of nothingness with beautiful rainbow galaxies forming into the shape of a human embryo.  Our Milky galaxy contains atoms that will form into: Embryo Abraham, Embryo Buddha and  Embryo Gandhi.  Embryo God is ageless, having a life span of an eternity and ever growing weak with old age. It takes Embryo God an eternity to reach middle age, it takes Embryo God an eternity to reach twelve, it takes Embryo God an eternity to become a fetus, and the universe will collapse and begin again before Embryo God divides into four cells.

Dear Embryo Father God, for the sake of your unborn embryos, please give us the grace to believe that you are praying for couples to love and labor for their unborn embryos.  Dear Embryo Mother of God, for the sake of your unborn embryos, please give us the grace to believe that each time we use birth control or kill an embryo we all feel the loss of life and love. An atheist indirectly fills the loss of an Embryo Person who could have stimulated the economy with spending, stock buying, giving, loving, creating and converting.  Each of the galaxies inside the embryo universe cooled and developed with billions of stars capable of supporting planets full of life and love.  Many people are happy to be alive and thank Embryo God many times a day and others are self-absorbed thinking only of themselves.  Dear Embryo God, please help me not to turn away from people and avoid the trap of being self absorbed in my work or entertainment, please show me the way to happiness and full union with God.

      Embryos have the power to convert; they need our prayers.  One way we pray for an embryos is by choosing life. Couples in love will choose life for an embryo and live in union with Embryo God.  Couples in lust will choose death for an embryo and live in sin away from Embryo God until death or repentance.  Dear Embryo God, please forgive me for the embryos I may have killed in the past.  I promise to avoid this sin in the future.  Embryo Jesus, changed the world by converting his mother to believe in the living God.  Embryo Jesus teaches from the womb that life needs love and we must labor in prayer for survival.  Both Embryo Jesus and Fetus Jesus needed prayers and protection in Mom Mary’s womb.  Stepdad Joseph gave prayers, love, labor and protection to baby Jesus during the flight into Egypt.  Saint Joseph the most chaste spouse loved Jesus and his Ever Virgin Mother. 

Her Left Hand Embryo Cross Painting

         Embryo Virgin Mother represents all the sterilized, aborted and unloved children in the heart of Jesus and Mary.  Dear Virgin Mother of God, as you saw Jesus (your baby) being nailed to the cross did you cry to yourself, “Take me instead, not my baby boy”?  In this painting her left hand is tacked to a tongue depressor.  The tongue depressor symbolizes pro-choice medical professionals who are apathetic to her pain. Her hand is surrounded by symbols began by Embryo Mohammed and Embryo Buddha.  In the beginning of the universe, atoms that would one day form Embryo Abraham, Embryo Buddha, Embryo Mohammed, Embryo Gandhi and all human embryos came into existence.
 We all a have common beginning (unity) that only hatred and apathy can destroy.  More helpless Americans die in a year of abortion (Uncivil War) than all U.S. wars combined.  To end the bloodshed of abortion we must embrace peoples of different faiths and form a pro-life union.  People of different faiths can form a pro-life union with labor and love.  Dear Embryo Mother of God we promise to labor for God, unborn neighbor and neighbor. Dear Embryo God we promise to love God, unborn neighbor and neighbor.

         In the name of God, the merciful and the compassionate.  A Moslem woman painted to the left of the fetus hand is covered from head to toe and should be admired for her faith. She holds steadfast to her faith as television has turned most of the western world into peeping Toms.  We sit and watch TV as the bedroom windows of television stars pass by the screen.  We must learn to detest the smallest sin of lust.  There is less room for the sin of lust when you look at a man or woman in modest dress.  The painting of the mosquito represents prayer five times a day.  To pray is a labor of love to your creator and we gain peace through prayer, as we grow closer to God.  While praying in a cave on Mt. Hira, Mohammed heard a voice say, “Recite in the name of thy Lord and cherisher who created man of a clot of congealed blood! proclaim! (Quran 96: 1-2)  Dear Embryo Allah thank you for creating me out of a clot of congealed blood and help me to defend others from the moment of conception to natural death.

        Painted next to the fetus hand is a Buddha so large that it’s elbow will be taller than the Statue of Liberty.  It will take labor and love to complete this statue of Buddha.  The (temple) painted next to the Buddha symbolizes years of tradition.  Buddhism has helped a large population live in peace for thousands of years through labor and love.  Buddhism teaches that all life is suffering and suffering comes from desire.  Desire is overcome by (1) Right Knowledge, (2) Right Thinking, (3) Right Speech, (4) Right Behavior, (5) Right Livelihood, (6) Right Effort, (7) Right Mindfulness and (8) Right Meditation.  Dear Embryo Buddha, please add (9) Right to Life.

Buddha’s last words were: “Whatever is born bears within itself the seeds of death.  Work out your salvation with earnestness.”  The Embryo Universe inside God’s Rainbow Heart has placed holiness in our hearts and has given us holy people to help us work out our salvation with earnestness.  When we look at the cross of Jesus we should see a labor of love and Jesus working out our salvation.

                                               Her Right Hand Embryo Cross Painting       

        Embryo Virgin Mother represents all the sterilized, aborted and unloved children in the heart of Jesus and Mary. Her right hand is tacked to a popsicle stick a symbol of youth and fun times.  Many children have lost the joy of youth as their hands have been tacked to the popsicle stick of abortion.

        Painted behind her hand are Noah, Abraham and Moses who labored for and loved God, unborn neighbor and
neighbor.  Dear Noah, after your ark came to rest on ground you offered a sacrifice (labor) to God.  Dear Noah, help us offer a sacrifice by turning away from all sin, sterilization and birth control.  Dear Noah, help us offer a sacrifice in the name of all innocent babies lost in the flood of abortion.  Thank you, Mom, for making the sacrifice and giving me life through labor and love.  Thank you, Noah, for following the will of God when others laughed and ridiculed you for building an ark on faith.  Followers of pro-life must build an ark of protest, faith, prayer and be ready to face ridicule.  Noah and his family saw the rainbow heart of God after the promise of no more floods.  If it were not for the rainbow promise, this generation of baby killers would be drowning in four miles of water.  Thank you, dear God, for your rainbow promise.

        Dear Abraham, you are painted with a knife ready to stab your beloved son Isaac as a sacrifice (labor) to God.  Our National Pro-choice Serpent demands the sacrifice of 4000 babies each day from selfish couples who lust for material possessions.  Dear God, thank you for sparing Isaac,and please send an angel to our Pro-choice nation to turn us away from human sacrifice.  As the cross of Jesus points towards love, resurrection and perfect sacrifice, the cross of Embryo Virgin Mary points away from abortion, damnation and selfishness.  Dear Allah, thank you for showing us a wonderful example of submission to your will and for showing mercy to both Abraham and Isaac.  Abraham Submission is a parallel to the submission of Jesus to his Father and to the submission of God to his rainbow promise.  Dear Yahweh, please lead us away for the human sacrifice of abortion and save us from selfishness.

        Painted to the right of Abraham sacrifice is Moses receiving manna from heaven.  Dear Yahweh, you sent manna from heaven to feed your lost desert people.  We are lost in the dessert of abortion and we need your help and love.  Dear Yahweh all we seem to understand is pain and punishment.  There must be a better way.  Dear Yahweh, you send us signs and we are blind.  We are blind to the pain of school children as they are killed by other children.  God teaches that if you sow death you will reap death.  As a Nation we sow the death of abortion and reap the death of school children.  Turn away from sin and be faithful to your unborn friends.

                                                             Her Feet Embryo Cross Painting

       Dear Ever Virgin Mary your feet bleed for all your rejected unloved babies.  Behind your feet are some of your children who labored and loved before the Uncivil War (abortion on demand).
   *    Painted to the left of Mary’s feet is Moses working for peace by leading God’s people away from sin by giving them the ten Commandments.
   *   Martin Luther King, Jr., also on the left, labored for love by leading God’s people out of oppression and waking up a nation to its sin.  Dear Mary, please wake up your children to the sin of abortion and its roots of sterilization and birth control.
 *  To the right of your bleeding feet is Gandhi who labored and loved by leading God’s people to freedom with peaceful civil disobedience.
 *   Below Gandhi, is Mother Teresa who showed the poor to the world and revealed Jesus through her labor and love.
  *  Mohammed and his daughter Fatmia are painted below Mother Teresa.  Islam which means “peace through submission to the will of Allah” was founded by Mohammed.
  *   Dear Mary, help us read and understand God ‘s word in the Torah, Quran and Bible painted below your sacrificed feet.

     There is a Hindu Temple which is the oldest religion behind your bleeding feet.  In Hinduism the divine reality of Brahman unites all existing things in an absolute cosmic consciousness.  “Brahman in each devotee is called Atman, or “Divine Self”.  The goal of every Hindu is to realize more fully the Atman, at the expense of the individual ego, until he or she is free from the wheel (samsara) of birth and death.

     One is assisted in this journey to freedom (moksha) by performing acceptably one’s dharma (religious duty).  The law of karma (what you sow you reap) determines the progress and regress of the human soul through a number of cycles of redeath and rebirth until it escapes the bondage of samsara and becomes one with the infinite” (Catholic Encyclopedia).  Dear Queen of the Universe, thank you for being good to us and warning your children that when you sow death (parents killing babies) you reap death (children killing children).

    Dear Mother of all children, painted above your bleeding feet is a seven-week-old swimming embryo.  “While giving an anesthetic for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy… I was handed what I believed was the smallest living human ever seen… This tiny human was perfectly developed, with long, tapering fingers, feet and toes…The baby was extremely alive and swam about the sac approximately one time per second, with a natural swimmer’s stroke.” (Paul Rockwell, M.D.)

                                                            Her Face Embryo Cross Painting

        Dear Ever Virgin Mary, painted below your face is your cross and a church steeple cross.  Steeples reach to the heavens to be closer to God.  Steeples also proclaim the good news of the cross and resurrection.  The Gospel (good news) proclaims, if you pick up your cross and labor for love you shall be rewarded in this world and the next.  Dear Ever Virgin Mary help us return to labor with love and turn away from the sin of sterilization and birth control.  Dear Immaculate Conception Mother, teach us to stop rejecting God in the bedroom.  As we close the bedroom door on God we reject life and love.  Without life and love the evil one will bring death and manipulation into the blessed bedroom.  In the name of Embryo Jesus, please help religions teach that sterilization, birth control and abortion are sins.  If we fail to turn away from sin we shall become like weeds thrown into a never-ending fire.

       In front of the steeple are the hands of Jesus our rescuer holding the keys to happiness.  In his right hand Jesus holds a communion Eucharist passed down for the Last Supper.  Jesus in the Eucharist gives love to us by patiently waiting for his brothers and sisters to find him and then pray with him.  All are welcome to pray with Jesus in churches worldwide.  The other hand of Jesus holds a symbol of labor, which is Embryo Jesus.  God’s labor pains were less in the creation than when He sent his only son into the world as Embryo Jesus to die for our sins.  Labor pains of abortions shall be felt in this world or the next and innocent children shall have justice.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  On the left hand side of the steeple is a menorah used in celebration of Hanukkah.  “Hanukkah (the feast of the dedication) derives from the purification of the temple by Judas Maccabeus on the twenty-fifth kisiev (early December) in 164 B.C…. To the Jewish historian Josephus, Hanukkah was the festival of light (Ant. 12:323-325). The sudden liberation of the Jewish religion was like a light adhering amidst the darkness of despair”(Catholic Encyclopedia).  We can fill the joy of liberation through prayer and fasting.  We can purify our temple body by rejecting sin and turning away from temptation.

       Above the menorah is a Buddha leading us out of darkness (ignorance) and into light (knowledge).  Smoke from the menorah candles forms a hand with Buddha and consoles our weeping Mom.  To the right of Mary’s face is the Hindu Vishnu the Preserver.  Vishnu has had several incarnations, e.g. Krishna, Rama, and Buddha.  A Hindu woman would never abort her baby who might be the incarnation of Gandhi.  The western uncivilization has much to learn for we abort the brother and sister of Jesus 3900 times each day.  Below Vishnu is a minaret with a man on a balcony calling the faithful to prayer.  As he calls the people to prayer his hand reaches up to Vishnu hand and they preserve God’s love for all.

                                                  Embryo Mother of God Communion 

Dear Father God, please forgive us for killing so many embryos on this blessed planet.  Embryo God, thank you for transforming empty space into a planet filled with human embryos that are by nature willing to serve God and there by making them the enemy of the serpent.  Helpless embryos have the power to bring God into the lives of his children through labor and love.  Embryo Jesus divides into two cells receiving half of his genetic make up from his mother and half from the Holy Spirit.  When Jesus changed bread into his body, half of the bread offering was from his mother and the other half was from the Holy Spirit, together becoming Jesus from bread.

    *Father Embryo God, in the name of Embryo Jesus please send your Holy Spirit as you did at the incarnation to transform this bread offering into Embryo Mother of God The Immaculate Conception. *         Take and eat the embryo offering.  As Embryo Mother of God is absorbed becoming part of our flesh and her flesh becoming part of your flesh, meditate on embryos that loved and labored for peace in the pass.  The following is list of embryos who labored for peace and loved; Embryo Abraham, Embryo Buddha, Embryo Moses, Embryo Jesus, Embryo Virgin Mary, Embryo Mohammed, Embryo Gandhi, Embryo Martin Luther King Jr., Embryo Mother Teresa, Embryo in your Mother’s womb.  Meditate on other embryos capable of leading you into loving and laboring for the helpless.

                                                                               Ending Prayer

      Dear Embryo creator of the heavens and earth call your children back into your loving arms.  Hold us close to your heart and heal us from the mental illness of abortion.  Please open our minds to the traps and temptations set for us by the serpent.  Dear Embryo Creator, we are like children playing in the sewer mud of abortion sin and you repeatedly warn us to stop or we shall die.  Dear Embryo of the Immaculate Conception, please clean us your children of this sewer mud of abortion sin and free love sins like birth control, fornication, adultery, sterilization, lust, embryo research, masturbation and homosexuality.  Thank you for giving us the grace to detest the smallest sin and letting us have joy in your universe of love.

 Happy Father’s day!
 Vote for the Alpha and Omega, Vote Pro-Life                     By B. Michael Lauer (6/17/2001)

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