Meditation on the Fifth Glorious Mystery: the Coronation

     God the Holy Spirit crowned His spouse and communicated to her a share of His love.  God the father crowned Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth and blessed her with a share of his hope.  God the Son crowned his mother and gave her a share of His wisdom.  God’s unborn martyrs salute Mary with their wings open wide as they offer her a share of their faith.  Mary has sadness/joy as her unborn pro-life martyr children descend on earth to pray for faith, hope and love.  God’s martyrs pass first through stem cell Jesus, then through Mary’s immaculate heart before their earthly landing.  Mother of God thank you for giving Jesus, birth and glory through you.

    A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.  She was with child and wailed aloud in pain as she labored to give birth.  Then another sign appeared in the sky: It was a huge red dragon (Rv 12, 1-4)  Then the dragon became angry with the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring: those who keep God’s commandments and bear witness to Jesus. (Rv12,17)

      As Jesus died on the cross he gave Saint John to his mother and his mother to Saint John.  Humanity can now say we have an earthly mother and a heavenly mother. This painting has four types of unborn martyrs the offspring of the Virgin Mary, our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Many of Mary’s children become martyrs in their mother’s womb as the red dragon uses abortion, birth control, sterilization and genocide to wage war.  Each wing color represents a different religion, race and social class.  People of different religions, races and social classes all scourge Jesus with their killing and sinning against innocent life.

       The baby faces with different wing colors represents God’s abortion martyrs.  The reduction of abortion martyrdom is the main goal of and these paintings.  Abortion is the devil’s pride and joy.  The devil grins from ear to ear each time he leads parents to the stirrups of an abortion doctor.  The war in which 3900 are aborted each day in the U.S. will end when the faithful pick up their crosses and turn away from “the free lunch” of birth control and sterilization.

      Purple and tan two times divided ova with different wing colors represent God’s birth control martyrs.  The tan divided ova is the color of the Eucharist and has a broken cross.  The purple ova represents the flesh of the earth.  All humans will continue to divide as the cross side (soul) and flesh side grow according to God’s will.  Birth control pills “the golden calf of the 21st century” kills these martyrs before they can continue their life by dividing and maturing.

       Purple and tan divided ova with two ‘SS’ letters represent martyrs murdered by selfish sins such as lust, homosexuality sterilization and masturbation.  God has placed in his children’s hearts the ability to feel right from wrong.  His children, who live in selfish sin, believe they have found a free lunch of forbidden fruit.  Adam and Eve selfishly wanted the apple of knowledge and sinned against God to have their free lunch.  There is no such thing as a free lunch; helpless unborn children pay for it with their lives.  Please take the first step by asking God for help and voting pro-life.

         It is time to choose pro-life or pro-death.  “Planned Parenthood of Minnesota/South Dakota, has run newspaper advertisements which read in part (BABIES ARE LOUD, SMELLY, AND EXPENSIVE.  UNLESS YOU WANT ONE.  1-800-230-PLAN.)  This hate-filled attack on “unwanted” unborn babies is couched in the language of bigotry.  This is the dehumanizing rhetoric of genocide.  Substitute for the word “babies” the name of any racial group and every mainstream newspaper in the country would rightly reject this mean-spirited ad.”  (Center for Bio-Ethical Reform)

         The genocide martyr is on the right arm of Jesus.  This martyr prays for peace with two dismembered arms.  The arms of this ten-week-old baby are placed on a dime with ”IN GOD WE TRUST”.  All the religions of the world must trust each other and “Unify Against Genocide”.  Our genocide martyr represents victims of the Jewish Holocaust, Stem Cell Research, Cambodian Killing Fields, Birth Control, U.S. Lynching of Blacks, Wounded Knee, Abortion and Rwandan Genocide.

         The Forever Virgin Mother of God has love and compassion for her born and unborn children.

      A change of heart is a crowning achievement and thank you for reading this meditation.

B. Michael Lauer 7/4/02

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