His Last Breath

        Dear Loving Jesus, we see You dying on Your cross.  The blood from your crown of thorns has stopped flowing.  With each labored breath we see you push on your nailed feet to lift up your beaten body for one gasp of breath. 

        We look with horror as Your leg muscles strain to lift the extra weight of our sins.  The nails cuts into Your flesh and bones.  As You struggle for air, the Evil One sees an opportunity to strike our blessed nation by air.   Dear Jesus, thank you for blessing the United States of America.

        Our nation gasps for air as pro-death forces kill and destroy. Forgive them, Lord, and please forgive our nation for putting the sin of abortion on your weakened body.

       You get one last breath, but we place the sins of birth control and sterilization on Your shoulders, to add to Your suffering.  (John 19, 30) When Jesus took the wine, he said, “Now it is finished”.  Then he bowed his head, and delivered over his spirit.

              Stem Cell God Bless America with Faith, Hope and Love

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