Nature and God's Love

Crosses in this painting represent three Christ centered relationships. Each cross with gender ring or rings represent healthy souls united in God's nature. Three natural Christ centered relationships are represented which are celibate single, celibate religious and fruitful married. God centered relationships require hard work and prayers. God uses nature to reveal a small part of his glory. God's glory can be seen in the mystery and beauty of nature. A soft breeze through a forest, a delicate flower and a mighty oak tree reveals God's glory. God has revealed to the profits and has placed in your hearts his will. We show respect and love for God by following his will and keeping his commandments. We show disrespect when we turn away from God by choosing relationships that are based on sins of selfish pleasures such as; contraception, fornication, swapping, drugs, alcoholism, sterilization, lustful, hate and homosexuality. The price of sin is death. Jesus please give us a fear of all sins of the flesh and led us to your unending love. Small sins were as painful as the larger when Jesus suffered the scourging at the pillar for our sins of the flesh. With help from Jesus you can turn a sinful relationship into a holy one with prayer and fasting. Unborn children pay the price with their lives as a result of weak and unholy relationships, please pray for the end to abortion, faith and guidance.

A single child of God embryo killed by the pill is above all creatures and nature. "Man is placed above all creatures, and not beneath them, and he cannot be satisfied or content except in something greater than himself. Greater than himself is nothing but myself, the Eternal God." (Dictated by St. Catherine of Siena during a state of ecstasy while in dialogue with God the Father.)

"Oral contraceptive kill 4,170,000 embryos each year." (Infant Homicides through Contraceptives) Nature has no choice but to follow the laws of nature. We have a chose of following God's law or short-lived selfish pleasure. God's laws have been revealed in the bible and through church tradition.

In the upper right hand corner Jesus can be seen as a cell one second after he came into the world. The worldly believe the sun is the most important life giving body while the spirit filled see Jesus the son of God as the most important life giving force. Cellular Jesus prays that all his brothers and sisters survive their first nine months of unprotected life. Unborn babies have no rights and can be murder at any point in their first nine months. Jesus grieves for each brother and sister aborted for selfish pleasure. The pursuit of selfish pleasure will put you on the wide path leading away for God. The Son of God (cellular Jesus) shines on and blesses each ring as they live their life of Christ centered love.

The cross of God's unending love and protection supports each ring. Rings united to the cross battle day and night in these times of selfish pleasure. Thank you cellular Jesus for giving this ring (third from bottom) the gift of life and art. Happy Fatherís Day Dad and Happy Fatherís day Father God.

Embryo Jesus shining on three crosses.

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