Alpha and Omega:

Moment of Conception and Salvation

My eight-year-old nephew painted a sun, cross, water and wrote “LOVE”. His painting is on the other side of this original watercolor.  He pained an abnormally large sun suggesting something more than a life giving heavenly body.  I saw his sun as the beginning of (Alpha) Jesus the source of salvation, true love, happiness and Omega Jesus.  The glory of (Alpha) Cellular Jesus is brighter than the sun and more life giving.  Cellular Jesus was first loved in the womb by his mother thus starting a new continuous ring of God’s, love and service to his people.  A life without Alpha and Omega Jesus (God) is dark, hopeless and meaningless.  Mary Mother of God said, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord.  May it be done to me according to your word”.)  Lk 1, 35-38  The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary as she said “according to your word” and her ova began to grow and divide.  Mary’s ovum is shown dividing for the first time above Jesus on his cross in this painting.  Coming from Mary’s ovum are rings of rainbow rays of light surrounding the cross and giving it light.  Mary like all women have been blessed with the mission of bring God’s embryos (children) into a world that sterilizes or kills most of them.  As Cellular Jesus divides a multitude of alpha and omega genes  (crosses in rings) are formed in the membrane of his cell.  This gene like the flesh of the Eucharist remains hidden from the world only to be revealed by God in his time.  The gene is responsible for creating Jesus who is truly man and truly God.  Mary mother of God you loved and gave life to Jesus as he divided over and over again in your womb like other babies and Cellular Jesus you gave strength to your Mom as she faced a world of unbelievers.  Dear Jesus full of love your genetic make-up helped you turn water in to wine at Cana and wine into your blood in the Upper Room.  Holy Spirit full of grace thank you for giving your gene filled with love to Mary’s ova and to the apostles at Pentecost.  Thank you Father God for sending your spirit filled building blocks to each Mass and changing bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus our savior.  Dear Jesus please give our doctors and scientific the gift of your spirit to guide them in their genetic research.  Dear Jesus please help couples do your father’s will and choose life for their unborn child with a handy cap (God’s most Loved) and not abort them because of their genetic make-up.
       Cellular Jesus above the cross is at the moment of conception before changing into truly God and truly man.  The alpha part of Jesus bridges time and space with God the Father, before the big bang and light.  Alpha Jesus was with God when he said let there be light and the universe began.  Alpha Jesus was with God when he changed an ape into a man by giving it a soul. God’s love for man and woman is far above his love for clay and animals, so much so that clay and animals look the same through God’s eyes.  The valued and humble creature accepts being formed from clay and are blessed for their faith.  Dear Cellular Jesus lead us away from the belief of evolution (growth) verses God.  Father God created the heavens and the earth.  Our earth did God’s will and evolved into a fruitful planet filled with milk and honey.  Jesus is disappointed with couples who sterilize themselves against God and each other.  He would rather see an oil spill disaster on his earth than see our soul with a black spot of sin.  Every parent has felt the disappointment of a child rejecting his or her wisdom and turning to something dangerous.  God feels the lost of a soul when his children reject his law (will) and kill their (his) unborn children with birth control and abortion.   Dear Alpha Jesus lead us away from the temptation of forbidden sterilization (fruit) and help us do your will.
      Cellular Jesus painted above Jesus on the cross also has four chromosomes.  The figure eight shape chromosomes represents the double helix of the D.N.A. molecule making up the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Mother Mary.  The same D.N.A. hidden in each Eucharist (body of Christ) and celebrated during Mass throughout the world.  His most precious blood dripping from his hands into God’s ocean of love has the same D.N.A. as Cellular Jesus.  Jesus doing is father’s will on a cross has the same D.N.A.  Thank you Jesus for Divine Mercy, you sacrificed and died for our salvation.  The crucifix with a ring of Cellular love continued as your apostles loved and sacrificed for us by doing the will of Jesus thus receiving mercy for us.  Good and fruitful parents give mercy and love to their children completing the ring of love with a cross.  Dear Jesus help us give love and mercy to our unborn neighbor by praying for them, their parents and helping to carry their cross.  The crucifix with the ring of Cellular Jesus means continual love, mercy and sacrifice.  Sterilization and birth control break this ring of love and parents fall into the serpent’s trap of not doing the Father’s will and eating forbidden fruit.  The ring of love breaks when the abortionist follows the will of the serpent and takes the life of an innocent child.

      We are one body in Christ. We are the hands, ears, eyes, voice and love of Jesus.  Dear Jesus please led us in prayer as your body (our church body) is crucified by abortion, embryo murder, sterilization and euthanasia.  Dear God please send rainbow rays of our promise to your people, shining from Cellular Jesus the source of love and salvation. Father God your unconditional promise of love to us was fulfilled when the word was made flesh in Jesus The Embryo. Dear Jesus we pray for the wisdom to love Cellular Jesus and all our unborn neighbors, our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Dear Omega Jesus we pray for the wisdom to love you at the moment of death as you took your last breath before descending into hell and giving salvation to your brothers and sisters.  Thank you Mom Mary for letting me share this painting “Alpha and Omega Moment of Conception and Salvation” with my friends.
Pray the Rosary daily     

By B. Michael Lauer (8/6/00)

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