Agony in the Garden Billboard

Dear Jesus full of love and hope share with us your agony so that we may detest the smallest sin and turn away from the serpents empty promises.  Dear Jesus in the garden before your passion and death did you see your brothers and sisters spitting and laughing at you on Good Friday?  Please forgive me for spitting and laughing at your commandment with my sins.  Dear Jesus in the garden you grieved for your apostles and saints as they suffered and died for your name.  Dear Jesus did you look back to Adam and Eve and see how easily we are tempted by the serpent?  Did you see all the wars and bloodshed before and after your cross?  Did you see how we murdered and tortured our brothers and sisters at the Holocaust and in slavery?  Dear Jesus in the garden you saw all the murdering and suffering of innocent children as the serpent smiled with his greatest victory, ABORTION.  Your most painful agony in the garden must have been the number of lost souls.  As your brothers and sisters lose site of our face they began to speed down a fifty-lane highway, passing up a billboard “Hell Straight Ahead” and then loosening their soul in the belly of the beast.  The serpent smiled at Jesus in the garden and said “You foolish goat your body and blood will be wasted on your so called friends.”  The serpent continued the torment “Only a hand full believe they are receiving your actual true body and blood at communion, for I have convinced the fools that your body is bread, your blood is wine and your babies are tissue.”  “Look how they give me their children to devour, after two thousand years of your so called KINGDOM!”  “Why don’t you tell your daddy to forget his promise of a rainbow and flood his garden of weeds.”  Jesus turned away and agonized over so many lost souls.  As Jesus started to pray to his Father “his sweat became like great drops of blood falling upon the ground.” (Lk 22:44)  The serpent trembled with fear and quickly slithered away looking for other souls to tempt.  Then Jesus “rose from prayer, he came to the disciples and found them sleeping from sorrow, and he said to them: (Why do you sleep?  Rise and pray that you may not enter into temptation.)” (Lk 22:45-46)
       “Agony in the Garden Billboard” painting reflects abortion clinics in America, from sea to shining (bloody) sea.  We push innocent babies into the belly of the beast as we look for more lust and selfish pleasure.  This foolish country filled with God’s blessing and mercy has no laws to protect its most innocent and helpless citizens.  As Jesus prays to his Father on Holy Thursday he sees one soul after another devoured by the Pro-choice Serpent and so called friends helping to feed it.  This watercolor has six main characters; they are Jesus, Mother of God, Pro-choice Serpent, Eve Lust, Uncle Sam Hitler and the victims of lust.   Uncle Sam Hitler is choosing which baby he kills first as he feeds them to the Pro-choice Serpent.  Eva Lust holds the serpent and pulls babies into the belly of the beast.  A tremendously large number of victims of lust are pilled high into the fruit bowl of the United States and placed on the cross by sinners like you and me.  The head of the church (Jesus) accepts this cross when he says to his Father in the garden “not my will, but thine, be done.”(Lk 22: 41)  With each sin of lust we increase the weight of the cross, causing pain and suffering to the body of Christ (the church on earth).  Mary the mother of God feels the agony of her son from a distance and begins to pray for lost souls.
      Uncle Sam Hitler feeds Pro-choice Serpent an aborted baby with his left hand and in is right hand he is holds a Jewish embryo he killed with his mother in the gas chamber.  A yellow Star of David (Jews were forced to wear) is below the embryo and would have been given to the baby (embryo) on its birthday.  The Star of David has five points like the stars on the flag of the United Stated before 1973 (Rode Vs Wade).  This one nation under God is divided into five pointed stars (pro-life) and six pointed stars (pro-choice).  This divided nation will fall for sins of lust against the innocent.   Jesus and Mary are wearing five pointed stars and believe in “God We Trust”.  Eve Lust, Uncle Sam Hitler and Pro-choice Serpent wear six pointed stars and believe in “Lust we trust”.  Dear Jesus please forgive me for lusting for flesh, money, power, food, clothes, cars and my neighbor’s belongings.
       Eve Lust is blindfolded and is holding a sign “Free Love Babes Buying “.  Free love is a lie born in the 60’s and started by the birth control pill and Pro-choice Serpent.  Pure love requires a lifetime of work, giving and bearing the fruit of happiness.  Babes (Fruit of Happiness) are the victims of abortion and they pay for free love with their lives.  Just as Eve in the garden sinned with the apple by giving into temptation, men sin with images of adultery “But I say to you, everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (St Matt. 5:28).  Treating and watching women depicted as sex object leads to a lack of respect for motherhood.  The sin of abortion and sterilization begins with a lack of respect for motherhood and God.
        The unbaked cherry pie in the fruit bowl of the United State is a symbol of sterilization.  This pie was made with God’s love and it hopes to become a child of God.  The sterilized couple rejects God by refusing to love and accept God’s gift of a Cherry Pie Angel.  (Web site Ref: Meditation Second Joyful Mystery)  Dear Father God the agony of rejection in your children's eyes is so intense.  Dear Jesus we ask for pardons for the slaughter and rejection of innocent babies.  Please pray for sterilized couples and their Cherry Pie Angels (God’s rejected love) given to the serpent.  As God is rejected in the bedroom the serpent is invited to replace God.  Relations with the serpent occur when sins of lust like abortion, incest, birth control, homosexuality, sterilization, fornication and masturbation are committed.  Dear Jesus please give us the wisdom to detest the smallest sin from the unjustifiable to the easily justifiable. The baby being pulled by Eve Lust’s left hand and burning in the belly of the beast is praying for life.  Dear Jesus “For the sake of your sorrowful passion have mercy on us and the whole world.” (Chaplet of Divine Mercy)  “There is but one price at which souls are brought, and that is suffering united to my suffering on the cross.  Pure love understands these words, carnal love will never understand them.”(Jesus Revelations of Divine Mercy 324)

Mary Mother of God offers redemption to her fallen children and reveals her son’s request through prayer “repent and sin no more.“

Happy Birthday! Dear Mother of God, thank you for your faith, hope and love.
             Vote for Jesus Vote Pro-Life                              By B. Michael Lauer (9/8/00)

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