The Nativity and Brutality: In this painting St. Joseph gently dries baby Jesus and the Virgin Mother sees our savior for the first time. Mary prayed and gave thanks to God for the gift of baby Jesus. Maryís lips are still purple from biting them during labor. Joseph and Mary had normal fears and joys from being parents and being so close to this child of God. Joseph expression of fear will soon turn into a smile as he realizes the shepherds in the foreground mean no harm and have brought confirmation from God. Joseph and Mary were amazed when they heard the good news the shepherds reported (And sudden there was a multitude of the heavenly host with the angels, praising God and saying: "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rest,") Lk 2, 13-14

Joseph and Mary loved sharing baby Jesus with the shepherds and others. The shepherdís gifts of wine and bread were placed on a blanket next to the manger. Jesus will change water to wine and wine into his blood. Jesus will say a blessing feeding bread to five thousand and turn bread into his living body. Jesus will start a priesthood on Passover that will give his followers peace by changing bread and wine into his actual body and blood. Jesus in his manger will feed our empty heart. On March 25 nine months ago Jesus was a small and helpless cell loved only by the angels, his mother and God. Satan and his cohorts hate cellular humans and cellular Jesus. They will do anything to destroy and stop their creation. Cellular Jesus in the womb of his mother will feed our empty hearts. Fetus Jesus we love you. Feed us Jesus we love you.

Abortion is a tremendous wrong both to the world and heaven. The painting of the partial birth abortion is of a middle class American baby girl. God and heaven has witnessed another victory for satan. Godís rainbow heart (seen in background) has been turned inside out and upside down with agony for so many lost souls. The innocent baby conceived in lust has lost a chance of ever seeing the light of day or heaven. The world has lost out on a child that would have stimulated the economy with her spending. Her offspring would have made millions and spent millions. The government that allowed her to be murdered would have collected taxes and provided services with her revenue.

Brutality is on the other side of this painting and over in the neighboring city of Jerusalem. King Herod (Mr. Brutality) welcomed the Magi who asked, ("where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw his star at its rising and have come to do him homage." When King Herod heard this, he was greatly troubled, and all Jerusalem with him). Mt 2, 2-3 Herod (ordered the massacre of all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity two years old and under). Mt 2, 16

Herod, Hitler and abortion doctors have many things in common. They lust for power, money and selfish pleasure and will kill to have it. As they walk the earth killing innocent children they feel the power of Satanís approval and lust for more. After each killing the feeling of power fades and they lust to kill again. Killing the innocent and helpless gives more evil pleasure to their murder.
    The abortion doctor has found the mother lode of evil pleasure by killing the most helpless and innocent. In this partial birth abortion painting the doctor has a death grip on an innocent baby girl. The serpent wraps around the doctorís right arm and wants to assist in Satanís greatest pride and joy. A serpent full of pride brags to Jesus, as he is agonizing over the large number of souls falling into hell. The serpent tells Jesus in the garden before his passion and death "Jesus you fool,  look at your brothers and sisters baptized in your name killing your Fathers children before they can see the light of one day."
    Satan continues his torment " Jesus your passion and death will be a waste. Your so-called friends lust for my world and me. Your friends will say home on Election Day or vote for someone who has no concerns for the rights of the innocent unborn." "Your faithful followers would rather vote for a Hitler or Herod then pro-life." Jesus in his agony sees the doctor of death as he places the serpent head on one end of a needle and pushes the other into the head of the helpless baby. Jesus in the hands of his stepfather Joseph begins a loud cry. Jesus could feel the suffering of his sister in Christ. Our baby sister squirms wildly in pain and the doctor grins, saying "hold still you slippery little bitch". Hitler in hell on the other end of the serpent asks with excitement "can I start sucking her brains out". Hitler begins to suck and our most precious baby sisterís body goes limp. The doctor of death voted for by an immoral majority removes the head from the vagina and throws the corpse into a container with the other victims of lust. Hitler complains to the serpent "that baby tasted German" and Herod interrupts " I would rather kill German babies. "
    Satan the serpent responds "Herod will kill Jewish babies and Hitler will kill German babies: you both belong to hell." Satan continued "Our abortion doctor will kill his grand children after he is condemned." Baby Jesus in the hands of Joseph cries louder as Joseph gives him to his mother. Jesus is consoled in his mother loving arms. Some geese fighting over a snake in the manger distract Joseph. Joseph kills the snake with his staff and Jesus smiles. This is the time for all good people to come to the aid of your unborn neighbor. Praying and fasting for the end of abortion will bring a smile to your face and baby Jesus.

Vote for Jesus Vote Pro-Life

Happy Fatherís Day; Dad, Joseph, and God! By B. Michael Lauer (3/18/00)

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